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Address: 1529 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 1H9
Phone: 604-922-8764
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  March 24, 2019

Choose eye glasses that suit you

Whenever you go shopping for glasses, it is always a great idea to bring along someone to give you an honest opinion about how they look. When you pick glasses that look great on you, they are not only fashionable, they provide you with a look that really works with your face shape and best features.

It is a great idea to get the sales associates help you choose several eyeglass frames that work with your face.  Since they do this all the time, they have a great sense of what works on people.

When you are choosing eye glasses, choose frames that help to bring out your best features.



3 Tips to help you choose the best eyeglasses for you:

  • Choose glasses that help to repeat or accentuate your best features.  If you have brown eyes, brown tones in your frames will enhance your eyes.
  • Contrast the frames of your eye glasses with your face shape.  So, if  you have a face that is more round in shape, choose eyewear with narrow frames to enhance your eyes and contrast your face shape.
  • Make sure that the size of the frame of your glasses is in scale with the shape of your face


Choosing the right glasses to contrast your face shape

When you choose the frames for your glasses, a good optician like Mike from Look Optical can help you choose what fits your face the best, as well as customize the glasses to be the best for your health and comfort. 

A round face has similar width and length in the same proportions, with no angles.  To enhance your eyes, if you have a round face, narrow eyeglass frames are excellent, since they contrast the curved lines and provide an appearance of wider eyes, and more length to your face.

An oval face is idealized because of balanced proportions.  To enhance your eyes, try frames that are as wide, or even wider, than the broadest part of your face.  Walnut-shaped faces are often ideal, since they are not too deep and do not appear to be too narrow.

If your face appears to be longer than it is wide, with straight cheek lines, frames that have more depth than width can help to balance your features.  A low bridge, with some decoration on the rims can help to add width to your face and bring out your beautiful eyes.

Base-down Triangle
A narrow forehead that widens at the cheeks and chin is considered a base-down triangle.  Frames that are heavily accented with colour and detailing on the top-half can effectively add width to the narrow upper third of your face and the right colour can also enhance your eyes.

Base-Up Triangle
If your face appears to be wide in the top third, and more narrow in the bottom third, you have what is considered a Base-Up Triangle shape.  Your eyes can really stand out if you try frames that are wider at the bottom, with very light materials, colours and rimless frame styles.  Rimless frames give a light, airy feeling  since there are no heavy frames around the lenses.

If you have broad cheekbones that are high and somewhat dramatic, along with a face that is narrow at the eye line and jawline, you are blessed with the rarest shape of face.  If you go to a big eyewear store, they may not have as much to offer as an optician who can customize your glasses for you.  To highlight your eyes, try on frames that have detailing or decorated brow lines.  Rimless, oval or cat-eye shapes are also very effective in showing your eyes and balancing your face as well.

A strong jaw line, broad forehead and similar proportions in length and width are the elements of a face that is square-shaped. Narrow frames, and frames that have more width than depth with narrow ovals help to lengthen the face and soften the angles.


Get help choosing your next pair of glasses

When you come into Look Optical in West Vancouver to get your next pair of eye glasses, get some help with choosing your frames.  A very experienced optician like Mike Taeidi can help you customize your lenses and frames to fit your face and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Stop by Look Optical today and see the fashionable eyewear collections, and get some good advice on how to pick the best glasses for you.  We have a wide selection of sunglasses to choose from as well, so you are ready for those long summer days! 

Contact us at 604-922-8764 or stop by 1529 Marine Drive in West Vancouver today and see how a beautiful pair of glasses or sunglasses from Look Optical can enhance your face shape.


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