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Address: 1529 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 1H9
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eye strain   June 12, 2019

Do you have eye strain?

So much of our time is spent in front of a computer screen, ipad or mobile device every day as we check our email, catch up on Facebook and read the latest news. However this can result in serious eye strain. If you work with a computer every day, it can result in problems with your eyes.

Studies show that 50 -90% of those who work with computers report eye strain. People report everything from physical fatigue to lower productivity and more errors at work. So how can we deal with this issue?

At Look Optical in West Vancouver, we have some helpful tips to help you deal with the very common issues of eye strain, red eyes and fatigue caused by working with computer and mobile screens.


5 tips for computer users


1. Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam

When you go for an eye exam, ask lots of questions and be sure to mention that you work with a computer. Eye experts like Mike Taeidi will be able to give you advice about how to protect your eyes from strain and how to pick glasses that work well with the glare of computer screens.

If you measure the distance between your eyes and your screen, and bring in this information so that we can help you get the best glasses for your particular situation.


2. The 20-20-20 Rule

One of the best ways to prevent eye strain while working at your computer is to follow the 20-20-20 rule

This is a simple and effective method can be an easy solution to digital eye strain.

a) Every 20 minutes look away from your computer or tablet screen. This helps you to refocus and relaxes the eyes. Some eye doctors even recommend looking at something green, like that beautiful tree outside your office. This promotes eye relaxation. Blinking helps to produce tears and moisture to refresh your eyes. When we work at screens we often don't blink enough. This is an easy method to prevent tired, red eyes.

b) Look at something 20 feet away. Getting up and looking at distant objects once an hour will help to keep your eyes feeling refreshed, as well as help with your circulation. Closing your eyes for a few minutes can be helpful as well. Adjust the brightness, contrast and colour-richness of your computer screen as well. With high-definition screens, our eyes can get tired quickly. Be careful staring at your cellphone screen for too long, since it's smaller screen and resolution can damage your vision.

c) Every 15-30 minutes, rest your eyes for 20 seconds. Look away from the screen, close your eyes or take a moment and rest your eyes. In 20 seconds your eyes will feel refreshed and you will reduce eye strain.


3. Use Proper Lighting and Minimize Glare

If your workspace has harsh fluorescent or indirect lighting, this will strain your eyes and can have long term negative effects. The more contrast in lighting, the harder it is on your eyes. Soft ambient lighting, about 50% less than you would find in a normal office setting, is the best. Harsh sunlight reflecting on your screen, and the glare of overhead lights can cause not only eye strain, but also headaches. Reduce the glare from outside windows, sunlight and improper lighting as much as possible. (now, take a 20 second break, look away, rest your eyes, then read on)


4. Upgrade your Computer Screen

An effective LCD monitor, with high resolution and better back lighting will help reduce eye strain. Choose a high quality screen that is easy to read and not too harsh to work with. If you look at the text and it looks blurry, pixelated, or there is too much contrast or poor quality of resolution, consider getting a stronger video card, and a better monitor. Larger screens are helpful as well since they prevent you from squinting and straining your eyes. If you can get a screen that is larger than 19 inches, it will make difference to your eyes.


5. Choose the Right Eye Glasses

When you get your next pair of glasses, choose lenses that work well for your computer and screen time. Anti-glare lenses are helpful to prevent light reflections and tired eyes. If you were contact lenses, this could result in dry eyes and eyes strain as well. With glasses you can do more to protect your eyes since the technology of lenses can ensure a better experience. Plus, you can easily take your glasses off to take a break. Consider using only glasses for your time at the computer screen.


Choose your next pair of glasses to help prevent eye strain

When you come into Look Optical in West Vancouver to get your next pair of eye glasses, get some help with choosing glasses that can help with your eye strain and fatigue. A custom set of lenses can make a big difference to your eyes and your overall productivity.  At Look Optical in West Vancouver, Optician Mike Taeidi can help you customize your lenses and frames to work best with your computer screen time.

Stop by Look Optical today and see the fashionable eyewear collections, and get some good advice on how to pick the best glasses for you.  

Contact us at 604-922-8764 or stop by 1529 Marine Drive in West Vancouver today and see how glasses customized for you by Look Optical can help your eyes.


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